From the 1960s to the present

Through a constant emphasis on quality, innovation, sustainability and relationships, CO.ME.T Officine has become a benchmark in the market. Our customers know they can count on us for reliable, high-quality products and services. Our reputation has spread widely and we have earned their trust over the years. From the very beginning, our customers’ trust has been at the heart of everything we do. We have always believed that the key to becoming a benchmark in our industry was to offer high quality products and services, delivered with honesty and integrity. Our company history is a testament to how dedication to quality, innovation and sustainability can transform a company into a true benchmark in its industry.

Azienda 1960_1


It all began in 1960, when Commendatore Valter Aleotti, with a passion for industrial machinery and years of experience in the mechanization industry, decided to start his own company. With a small group of talented engineers and designers, he founded Officine (Costruzione Meccanica Trasporti) at its plant in Ozzano dell’Emilia, in the heart of Motor Valley, Emilia-Romagna’s cluster of advanced mechanics and industrial automation. Its goal is to create innovative and safe aerial platforms to meet the growing needs of the construction and maintenance industry.

Prima Skyworker Prodotta 1960


After a period of research and development, in 1961, t. introduced its first range of truck-mounted platforms named “SKYWORKER.” With different working heights ranging from 14 to 18 meters, this new equipment differed by being compact, easily maneuverable and equipped with the latest safety technologies. Success is immediate, and the company begins selling its aerial platforms to power and utility companies across the country.

La prima Eurosfilo


As time has passed, our company has continued to grow. We invested in research and development to create innovative products that solved our customers’ challenges. This dedication to innovation has allowed us to expand our product range and offer ever more advanced solutions. As demand increased, the business began to expand rapidly. The company hires engineers and invests in technology to develop new models. In the late 1970s, the “EUROSFILO” range of telescopic platforms with greater working height and lifting capacity is introduced.

eurosky 13A017


Later, in the 1980s, the articulated range is reborn with the new “EUROSKY” models that revolutionize the world and the concept of truck-mounted aerial platforms. CO.ME. T. OFFICINE is also the first company, and still the only one in the Italian market, to specialize in the field of isolated aerial platforms, designing and producing equipment capable of protecting against accidental contact with electrical sources or even such as to allow direct intervention on live lines.



In the modern world, aerial platform manufacturing has become increasingly important due to the need for safe and efficient access to high places and in a variety of industries. In this highly competitive market, we have organized a global presence and an extensive network of about 40 distributors that enable us to meet the needs of customers around the world, ensuring high quality service and responding to the specific needs of various markets. Our history is defined over time by our willingness and need to continue to innovate, in our offerings, in the technologies we employ, and in our approach to different markets through the reliability of our products and our customer service.

anno 2023


Today, CO.ME.T. OFFICINE has become a “global leader” specializing in the production of aerial platforms. It continues to constantly innovate, developing smart networked products and new eco-friendly models. Our mission is and will be to provide safe and efficient solutions for work at height, contributing to the sustainable development of cities and industries around the world. The future of our company will depend on our ability to adapt to market changes and customer needs, as well as our ability to innovate and remain at the forefront of the technologies and services we offer. Sustainability and safety will continue to be considered key aspects in the design and production of our aerial platforms.