New Eurosky 16|2|6(7.5) HQ JIB aerial platform

16 | 2 | 6 (7,5) HQ JIB

The New Eurosfilo 16|2|6 (7.5) HQ JIB aerial platform is the ideal solution for working safely at a height of up to 16 meters with an outreach of 6 – 7.5 meters horizontally..

  • MAX. BASKET CAPACITY  200 Kg – 2 persons
  • HYDRAULIC OUTRIGGERS  n.4 A+A in shape
  • ROTATION  360° continuous
  • MINIMUM GVW  PTT 3.5 ton
  •  Aerial platform made of high strength steel for boom maximum rigidity and maximum safety while working.
  •  The subframe with the aim to couple the platform with truck chassis.
  •  Hydraulic oil tank integrated in the subframe and easy to access.
  •  Stability guaranteed by No.4 IN-SHAPE outriggers “A+A” type, each pair is made by two hydraulic jacks with double effect valve connected to the main hydraulic circuit.
  •  Double purpose turret for boom support and rotation. One hydraulic engine coupled with one reducer allows 360° continuous rotation on fifth wheel. One rotating joint, assembled inside the turret, allows movements without hose twisting.
  •  Double pantograph to lift the platform without modifying the basket position in respect to the fifth wheel coupling center. The maximum height of the pantograph coincides with the maximum bridging height. The pantograph is made of 2 booms connected through a head with simultaneous movements.
  •  The telescopic boom is made of 2 elements (1 fixed + 1 telescopic extension). Hoses and pipes are positioned inside the boom structure for maximum protection against damages or accidental fall of tools, etc. The telescopic boom allows vertical and horizontal movements.
  •  Articulated boom (JIB) allows to clear obstacles in the working area. It is positioned at the end of the telescopic boom and gives the possibility even to work at a height in unreachable working position.
  •  The basket is made to support and protect the operators. The aerial platform can be moved by means of controls positioned on the basket.
    • 100% hydraulic controls with proportional system in low pressure in the basket (25 BAR only) to allow gradual and accurate movements. The hydraulic system in low pressure guarantees a long-lasting life to the platform with maintenance costs reduced at minimum.
  •  The steel structure and the booms are made of high strength steel to grant great stability to the whole platform.
  •  Moment limiting device: Lateral outreach up to 6m with 200kg (2 pers.) in the basket and lateral outreach up to 7.5m with 120kg (1 pers.)


  • • 100% hydraulic system with basket controls in order to guarantee the maximum reliability and to allow great accuracy in movements.
    • For a longer and guaranteed service life of the hydraulic system all the switchable controls by the basket and all the hydraulic hoses positioned inside the booms that reach the distributor in the turret work in low pressure 25 Bar.
    • Emergency controls from the ground.
    • The fully hydraulic controls allow 2 simultaneous movements and provide more sensitivity in progressive and
    gradual maneuvers with respect to the electro-hydraulic controls. Fully hydraulic controls are free of any damage to electrical components caused by rainy weather, humidity, frequent use, etc.
    • The stop valves are directly mounted on each hydraulic cylinder.
    • Controls levers with automatic return in rest position. The movements of the whole platform are activated by levers, respectively positioned in the following controls panels:
    – basket: platform control board
    – turret: platform control board for emergency only
    – subframe: outriggers control board
  • • Interlock outriggers-boom: Outriggers block when the boom is not in rest position + Boom block when outriggers
    are not completely stabilised.
    • Boom and outriggers block when the PTO in the cab is not engaged.
    • Moment limiting device
    • Emergency hand pump allows every movement in case the main pump is damaged, it allows the return of the boom
    and outriggers in rest position; under truck flat battery condition.
    • All movements are obtained through hydraulic double-acting jacks with double effect safety valves checking both
    the oil inlet and outlet from the cylinder.
    • Magnetic yellow flashing beacon mounted on the vehicle cab.
    • Warning light installed in the truck cab and indicating that the outriggers are not completely down.
    • General emergency stop push-button.
    • Thermal protective device for the electric system.
    • Safety device to prevent the starter connection if the engine is on.
    • Boom-cab anti-collision system + Basket-boom anti-collision system (buzzer and stop).
  • • Aluminium basket dim. L1400Xw600xH1100mm
    • Basket hydraulic rotation: 90° + 90°
    • 100% hydraulic system that allows 2 simultaneous movements
    • Constant and gradual automatic leveling of the basket with independent hydraulic circuit
    • Engine start & stop from the basket
    • Warning light to center the boom in rest position
    • Electric power tap in the basket 230V with relative electric power tap in the turret
    • Basket access bar with closing system by gravity
    • Feet protective device h 15cm
    • No.2 hooks for safety belts
  • • No.4 IN-SHAPE outriggers “A+A” type with individual controls
    • 100% hydraulic movement controls independent and separate to perfectly level the machine even on uneven ground
    • Hydraulic distributor composed of No. 4 levers to simultaneously or individually open / close the outriggers
    • Consent warning lights for outriggers
    • Warning light inside the cab to indicate PTO on
    • Hour counter in the cab to check the working hours and the frequency of the scheduled tests
  • • Aluminium deck
    • Ergonomic ladders mounted on the subframe to easily access the platform floor and the basket
    • Rear bumper
    • Support for boom in rest position
  • Thanks to high quality painting of the subframe and aerial platform, all metal components are protected against corrosion. Standard colour: WHITE /GREEN
  • Platform fixing to the vehicle subframe, hydraulic and electric connections, and ballasting, if necessary

The vehicle is guaranteed from the producer
• Use and maintenance manual
• Spare parts manual
• Hydraulic and electric diagrams

  • • Emergency electropump 12/24V
    • Additional magnetic yellow flashing beacon
    • 60W white adjustable working light
    • 12/24V electric power plug in basket (necessary for 60W working light)
    • Tool box to be hanged outside the basket
    • No.4 outriggers pads 400X400X40mm and No.2 supports
    • Pre-arrangement for compressed air-water system
    • Supplementary electric engine 230V for operation in closed areas
    • Waterproof stainless steel side cabinet L1100xW350xH350mm on the subframe
    • Aluminium side panels H 200mm
    • Rack for road signs with No.4 compartments mounted on the subframe
    • Traffic cones support
    • Wheel chock
    • Safety belts
    • Heavy duty subframe for 4×4 trucks
    • Heavy duty subframe for installation on trucks from 6t up to 12t GVW
    • Heavy duty subframe for installation on trucks over 12t GVW
    • Fiberglass basket L1400xW700xH1100mm insulated up to 5000V
    • Special colour (longer delivery time)
    • Hydraulic plugs in basket and ground for high power hydraulic tools
    • Fire Extinguisher
  • • Subframe group (standard subframe for installation on trucks from 2.2t up to 6t GVW) fully mounted and
    complete with hydraulic and electric components
    • Turret group fully mounted and complete with hydraulic and electric components
    • Double pantograph + boom + JIB group fully mounted and complete with hydraulic and electric components
    • Aluminium basket L1400Xw600xH1100mm group fully mounted and complete with hydraulic and electric
    • Oil tank and filters
    • Body with aluminium deck
    • Standard colour: WHITE/GREEN
    • Mounting instructions
    • Use and maintenance manual
    • Spare parts manual
    • Hydraulic and electric diagrams
    • Labels
    • Hydraulic pump
    • Power take-off
    • Mounting
    • Final Test
  • • Turret group fully mounted and complete with hydraulic and electric components
    • Double Pantograph + boom + JIB group fully mounted and complete with hydraulic and electric components
    • Aluminium basket L1400xW600xH1100mm fully mounted with hydraulic and electric components
    • Outrigger distributor
    • Fully electric components for Subframe
    • Maximum pressure valve
    • Emergency electrovalves
    • Emergency hand pump
    • Standard colour: WHITE/GREEN
    • Mounting instructions
    • Use and maintenance manual
    • Spare parts manual
    • Hydraulic and electric diagrams
    • Labels
    • Subframe group
    • Front and rear outriggers with microswitches
    • Hydraulic hoses for Subframe
    • Body with aluminium deck
    • Power take-off
    • Hydraulic pump
    • Oil tank and filters
    • Mounting
    • Final Test


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